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Throughout the patient journey, every connection counts.

Prescription Decision Support

Our prescription decision support solutions help connect care teams and patients to the information they need to overcome common barriers to medication access and affordability, which can lead to improved adherence and patient outcomes.

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Improve patient care.

When a provider prescribes a medication during an office visit, they need reliable, real-time information to help answer questions about prescriptions and affordability options. This can help patients avoid surprises at the pharmacy that may lead to prescription abandonment. Centralized, integrated data, in addition to full patient history, gives care teams the answers they need when they need them.

Providers who used CoverMyMeds' Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) solution saw 88% of valid prescriptions filled at the pharmacy.6

When integrated in EHR workflows, our solutions can help better support patients, simplify administrative processes and reduce delays to help get patients on therapy.
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Enable patients to take an active role in their care.

Choice and convenience are at an all-time high for the American consumer. Patients now expect transparency, accessibility and options as they journey along the healthcare continuum. To make informed healthcare decisions, patients need support and curated information.

90% of patients in the last 12 months took action to better afford their medications.2

Available at their fingertips, our solutions allow patients to take control of their prescription journey.
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Deliver more visibility.

The role of the pharmacy has evolved over recent years, and these changes present opportunities for pharmacy employees to better serve patients. As pharmacists continue solidifying their role on the patient care team, they need tools to effectively field patient questions and problem-solve medication access issues—all within workflow.

75% of pharmacists surveyed said they're going outside their system daily to look up medication information.5

Our integrated solutions clear the path of common obstacles such as prior authorization and sticker shock so pharmacists can shine as part of the patient advocate team.
The ClinicPrescribe more efficiently.
The HomeEmpower patients as consumers.
The PharmacyBecome a stronger patient advocate.