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Denial Conversion

Decrease prescription abandonment with quicker access.

A patient holding their prescription documents.

Denial Conversion can help patients receive their originally prescribed medication, with copay savings, on claims not covered by a plan’s formulary. If an eligible claim is rejected as non-reimbursable, our Denial Conversion solution converts the rejected claim to a paid response and returns a specified copay and patient savings notification. The prescription drug is then dispensed as prescribed, helping reduce first-fill abandonment.

Adding Denial Conversion to your pharmacy management system:

  • Allows patients to go home with medication that day
  • Reduces callbacks and dispensing workflow disruption
  • Keeps patients on prescribed brand and helps reduce abandonment
Improves patient medication accessibility

Improves patient medication accessibility

Increases patient satisfaction

Increases patient satisfaction

Supports efficient pharmacy workflows

Supports efficient pharmacy workflows

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The ClinicPrescribe more efficiently.
The HomeEmpower patients as consumers.
The PharmacyBecome a stronger patient advocate.