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Open a path to lower medication costs.

A patient using their CoverMyMeds cash card.

In the last year, over half of patients said they've made sacrifices to afford their medications.2 Our Cash Card solutions help patients afford their medications with more pricing options. Available in several workflow configurations, all patients, regardless of coverage, can find alternative pricing options without compromising their treatment quality.

Our Cash Card workflow options include:

  • provider initiated savings cards with revenue sharing, delivered through text, email or physical cards
  • patient initiated through a consumer-facing website
  • automated patient notifications following completed prescription transactions
Deliver more options

Deliver more options

500,000 pharmacy network

500,000 pharmacy network

Expanded access to all patients

Expanded access to all patients

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The ClinicPrescribe more efficiently.
The HomeEmpower patients as consumers.
The PharmacyBecome a stronger patient advocate.